Research Program

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  • Hear about our public scholar Alexa Ruel's research in 50 seconds.
  • New publication in Cognition investigates age- and task-specific differences in the processing of the opportunity cost of time.
  • New preprint shows that prevalence-induced concept change can bias young women's judgements about body size. We found that when the amount of thin bodies presented to young women increased, their concept about fatness expanded to include bodies that were previously rated as thin.
  • New publication in WIREs Cognitive Science shows that older adults and children may be more rational decision-makers than previously thought. We propose that humans’ decisions are resilient to these changes and always seek to do the best with what is available.
  • New publication in Neurobiology of Aging describing how older adults update their social beliefs
  • See Sean Devine's presentation at CogSci's virtual conference
  • New preprint on the relationship between perseveration and greater environmental control in children and older adults
  • New preprint with findings reflecting a greater rigidity of concept spaces in older adults which may make them less susceptible to biases in judgement
  • New preprint reflecting no association between trait Need for Cognition (NFC) and metacontrol of decision making
  • New preprint providing empirical evidence for the Sweet Spot Account of cognitive control